25 comments on “Weidman Defeats Silva Again at UFC 168 on MMA Newsmakers”

  1. Ares Taylor says:

    Vitor is what happens when you have a guy training for many years and he
    gets really great then takes trt to make himself have the body of a 20
    something year old guy. So now he has the young body but the skill set and
    maturity of an older fighter. this of course is just my opinion. I welcome

  2. FrankGarrett316 says:

    Fuck Vitor, steroid taking piece of shit.

  3. MrBonesbr says:


  4. Edin Pandzic says:

    it would be so funny if we had a “steroid” as a champion….

  5. Seb C. says:

    Well shit, I wanted Faber to get a full training camp for his title shot

  6. therealmo says:

    Ramdeen gained weight over the holidays 

  7. Bornin Arkham says:

    Wow, how fat did Ramdeem get in just 2 weeks?
    Great to have you back FN!

  8. Ben X says:

    cruz is made of glass and pixie dust

  9. Dannynorw says:

    jesus christ!! whats up with america/canada.. You just give weidman the
    credit of working hard?? chris weidman is an IMMENSE talent, very athletic,
    strong, moves and learns super quick which is athletesism.. When you talk
    about a black guy you talk about athletesism at once and rarely mention the
    work ethic, this is fucking retarded and untrue. jon jones is probably
    working harder than weidman, hes told ppl over and over how hard hes
    working, so is hes teammates and coaches but ppl still clinges to jon jones
    “athletesism” which is faaar overrated. and weidmans is faaaar underrated.

    btw the vitor belfort that is spinning heel kicks ppl in the head right
    now, is not the same guy that anderson fought. id bet vitor would beat
    anderson in a rematch.. Weidman has the better chance of beating vitor than
    any other. jacare however, might be a super beast.

  10. stephen gray says:

    Thanks Guys! Great update on MMA news.

  11. mitino aiken says:

    This nigga said maybe, of course Chris is going to win

  12. Ricardo Serafim says:

    Finally… i was almost UNsubscribing!


    Good to see the BEST fight news network back at it again. POWERFUL 2014!

  14. cross over says:

    Its about time boys, ya have been shitin the bed for a week now!!

  15. WhytyProd says:

    How the fuck is Lim a welterweight

  16. Elliot Lees says:

    Happy New Year guys:)

  17. BackForMore666 says:

    well said Mr. Black

  18. KONG KING says:

    It’s about time!!!! I’ve been waiting forever for your videos!! Thanks!!!!!

  19. Awesome McAwesome says:

    I’m glad you guys are back!!!!! 

  20. pewpewetc says:

    finally lol

  21. Chris Edmondson says:

    Nice analysis Ramdeen! I’m glad you didn’t say Weidman’s second victory was
    a fluke injury because I would have unsubscribed

  22. haroimdonard says:

    I couldn’t stand Weidman at first. I thought he beat my boy Anderson by a
    fluke and was going around calling himself champ, but I’ve seen the crazy
    training he does in the countdowns and the way he spars and dedicates
    himself and the amount of confidence he has in his technique. It’s his camp
    for sure. Also, when Anderson broke his leg, instead of going crazy with
    celebrating, he kneels down next to Anderson to see if he’s alright. He’s a
    good guy and he’s gonna be special. Until he runs into Machida. 

  23. isidbigi says:

    welcome back guys.. i missed u

  24. Joe Turner says:

    Weidman and faber to win… did you see fabers last fight if he fights like
    that against barao wow possible fight of the year early contender…

  25. mikenordo says:

    I like the clip of the Ping pong loss. 

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