25 comments on “Weirdest MMA Fight Of All Time”

  1. Awesome Channel says:

    so do ppl in mma wear a shield over their banana because if not then dam
    that would hurt

  2. Gísli Brynjólfsson says:

    2 minutes of hugging followed by a minute of jumping around… I give up.

  3. Matt Mosley says:

    #WTF ?




    i got next to fight this makmud guy. my fwb says she got him first.

  5. edin cirkic says:

    they are a compleet joke a retard can fight better then that and that 360
    kick was funny as fuck 

  6. Ezekiel Harris says:


  7. NemeanLion says:

    Mahmood is just a bully, who falls apart when they’re not in control. 

  8. Chaotic Havoc says:

    What the fuck did I just watch?

  9. Joshua Shrout says:

    that was a nasty knee to the liver and then another to the nuts lol

  10. Mike Oxlong says:

    this allev guy just sucks at mma. im sure hes good at something else.

  11. LastCynicStanding says:

    This fight’s theme song is ‘The Nutcracker’

  12. hangman ofshaolin says:

    What a shitty ref

  13. historyskyz says:

    makhmuds exact thoughts ” wtf i thoght this is wwf why is he hitting me for
    real??? throw in the towle!!!”

  14. D Cap says:

    the fuck did i just watch? HAHA!!!!!!!!!! bas rutten sounds like a fucking

  15. Jonathan Brealey says:

    i feel sick he he

  16. coolsvilleowner says:

    Bas and the other commentators tiff was better than this fight.

  17. jeff071466 says:

    Penis below the waistline is what they’re referring to.

  18. Gene Poz says:

    I agree with title on this video

  19. Benjamin Dover says:

    Watching him “fight” is hilarious

  20. clifton fincham says:

    I don’t think that short guy has any actual fight training other than his
    wrestling lol

  21. jonathan4178 says:

    Yea, I think he was using it as an excuse

  22. GetaMindCondom says:

    Commentator described this best: Jumping like a fish outta water.

  23. Garrett Morgan says:

    Find it funny that the nut shot didn’t hurt the asian

  24. Sam Monge says:

    This fight is NUTS!!

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