25 comments on “What Bothers Chuck Liddell the Most About MMA Today?”

  1. PrisonEarth says:

    GSP finished Matt Hughes twice, and made BJ Penn quit

  2. mark lee says:

    change lives

  3. mark lee says:

    iceman mma in 8 years?

  4. ROSST1011 says:

    MMA today still has exciting moments.Weidman v Silva most recently.But I still miss the good old days where nearly every fight was a total tear up.

  5. anuthutantrum says:

    he is absolutely right, mma today is a boring shell of the greatness it used to be

  6. Brad Potts says:

    1:27 – 1:32 lmao

  7. kevin garcia says:

    Awesome fucking shirt, Batman always tries to finish

  8. Jay Sin says:

    Fucking sport killers haha

  9. theRealSep says:

    he means the fucking wrestlers they are only grind the people out thats not mma when u only look for the fucking takedown . spec. last fight card gracie against luke … that gracie mother fucker what he is doing in the fucking ufc …

  10. Skorre1337 says:

    Haha what the hell have you been watching if you think mma was much more entertaining years back than what it is now?

  11. bangermccrusher says:

    chuck was a fucking beast, a feared fighter, he is right mma was so much more entertaining before, now everybody play it safe

  12. livibam says:

    chuck is the man..

  13. TheLastFraudster says:

    Dickhead! I’m gonna go watch his highlight reel of getting KO’d by pretty much the entire LHW division.

  14. shinsama3333 says:

    Like how they didn’t show you know who.

  15. monty8818 says:

    spoken like a true warrior

  16. iveymatusow says:

    Since when did combat sports become about “PLAYING IT SAFE” …… oh yeah money mayweather smh lol lil bitch

  17. philipee32 says:

    The lack of rudimentry striking and landing strips on top of the fighter’s heads.

  18. BoyTitan says:

    Never really like chuck there is a difference between fighting smart and fighting safe sorry no ones goes out there throwing giant premeditated right hands. Perfect example is Rampage Jackson who knocked him into next week back in his prime.

  19. kaiserkarl says:

    Does Chuck mean the UFC need to bring down its fucking ignominious cutting policy? I doubt he’d dare saying that…

  20. Gabby Cliffington says:

    Why would guys want to get hit if they’re able to avoid it while picking up the win. Especially since MMA is a young sport, who knows where Chuck will be 20 yrs from now with the damage he’s taken.

  21. Kmasterz Sanchez says:

    Another reason why Chuck is my All time favorite fighter

  22. DeFy18 says:

    atleast gsp does damage, dudes like cruz and mighty mouse do zero damage and dance around, get a td, and just lay. atleast gsp could finish, and gsp knows he could finish dudes and be a champ for a few years or be safer and be in the game for another 5 or more

  23. Frank V says:

    I have been saying this about the Jackson camp for at least the last 5 years.

  24. jwka2001 says:

    greg jackson worst thing to MMA since Fallon Fox

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