25 comments on “What Does The Wand Say? | 6th Annual World MMA Awards”

  1. AlfredoOne19 says:

    Wanderlei Mr. Pride <3

  2. severed321 says:

    ben goes hump? i dont get it

  3. Badger McFly says:

    this is kinda f’ed up but hilarious

  4. Derek Jones says:

    Not sure if jumbled engrish + Portuguese or Pugilistic Dementia….

  5. André Amorim says:

    Wand will kill Sonnen!!


  6. FerociousRM says:

    This is terrible.

    PS Sonnen will retire wand.

  7. SurfMan says:

    He is a brazilian and he’s there to fight. It’s not his job to know how to
    speak english.

  8. stickydate07 says:

    is was pretty lol

  9. rory rory says:

    this is just so funny – fuckkin awesome !!!!!! Wanderlei Forever

  10. Marcilio Ribeiro says:

    Wand Says: Sonnen will is dead !

  11. Pit Bull says:

    hahaha ))) GREAAT WAAAR WAAAND !!!!!

  12. WellRoberto says:

    Very nice!

  13. Gustavo Dominguez says:

    Ben goes hump= Ben Henderson wins by decision via lame dry humping….

  14. GamesToPlay says:

    Lol hahahaha

  15. Rob York says:

    “Cruz goes ow ow ow.”

    Good stuff. 

  16. selk74 says:

    OK, don’t know why but this made my day lol hilarious.

  17. Sávio Randy Oliveira de Oliveira says:

    os cara são zuero dms kkkkk

  18. fuckthat27 says:

    When he says ben does “the hump”? Who is he talking about?? Also ew. What a
    little faggot.

  19. jelisejs says:

    Absofuckinglutely hilarious! :D

  20. Cameron Ferguson says:

    Fucking nora, MMA “humour” always seems to be about as funny as getting run
    over by a tank.

  21. Thomas Richard says:

    GO Wand 

  22. spidergreg says:

    0:50 he said Genki desu ka? Japanese for how are you.

  23. Luiz Rodrigues says:


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