What Does The Wand Say? | 6th Annual World MMA Awards

Last year, Ylvis asked us ‘What does the fox say?’ Now, the Fighters Only World MMA Awards asks fight fans, ‘What Does The Wand Say?’ Watch the 6th annual Fi…

25 comments on “What Does The Wand Say? | 6th Annual World MMA Awards”

  1. AlfredoOne19 says:

    Wanderlei Mr. Pride <3

  2. severed321 says:

    ben goes hump? i dont get it

  3. Badger McFly says:

    this is kinda f’ed up but hilarious

  4. Derek Jones says:

    Not sure if jumbled engrish + Portuguese or Pugilistic Dementia….

  5. André Amorim says:

    Wand will kill Sonnen!!


  6. FerociousRM says:

    This is terrible.

    PS Sonnen will retire wand.

  7. SurfMan says:

    He is a brazilian and he’s there to fight. It’s not his job to know how to
    speak english.

  8. stickydate07 says:

    is was pretty lol

  9. rory rory says:

    this is just so funny – fuckkin awesome !!!!!! Wanderlei Forever

  10. Marcilio Ribeiro says:

    Wand Says: Sonnen will is dead !

  11. Pit Bull says:

    hahaha ))) GREAAT WAAAR WAAAND !!!!!

  12. WellRoberto says:

    Very nice!

  13. Gustavo Dominguez says:

    Ben goes hump= Ben Henderson wins by decision via lame dry humping….

  14. GamesToPlay says:

    Lol hahahaha

  15. Rob York says:

    “Cruz goes ow ow ow.”

    Good stuff. 

  16. selk74 says:

    OK, don’t know why but this made my day lol hilarious.

  17. Sávio Randy Oliveira de Oliveira says:

    os cara são zuero dms kkkkk

  18. fuckthat27 says:

    When he says ben does “the hump”? Who is he talking about?? Also ew. What a
    little faggot.

  19. jelisejs says:

    Absofuckinglutely hilarious! :D

  20. Cameron Ferguson says:

    Fucking nora, MMA “humour” always seems to be about as funny as getting run
    over by a tank.

  21. Thomas Richard says:

    GO Wand 

  22. spidergreg says:

    0:50 he said Genki desu ka? Japanese for how are you.

  23. Luiz Rodrigues says:


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