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  1. PikUpYourPantsPatrol says:

    Ik people get very defensive when asked this question but would you agree
    that some martial arts are ineffective in a real fight? Such as Aikido or

  2. Andrew Huang says:

    I don’t have a twitter what do I do.

  3. anaconda118 says:

    Shaun this was really bad advice, I cant believe you just said all of this

    If we have to choose ONE, system to start with, ONLY, then it has to be
    Brazilian Jujitsu.

    Brazilian Jujitsu beats any other system in the world on its OWN. And
    Jujitsu is so much easier to learn that other arts as it is primarily just
    learning the positions and moves as opposed to more complicated techniques
    and conditioning.

    As Firaz Zahabi once said ‘ The best Martial art in the world has to be
    Jujitsu AND something else. ‘

    Wakey wakey Shaun, pull your socks up!

  4. bleedz says:

    which martail arts are there?

  5. horslems says:

    having a strong wrestling background is by far the best. If you cant stand
    and bang you have always the option take some one down and grind to get the
    W. BJJ is good but not that effective if the other guy know how to defend.
    Its harder to defend against a really good wrestler who can just take u
    down on demand.

  6. FreshGamingHD says:

    I dont know if this is common but one of the trainers at the boxing gym i
    go to is a right cock, like i would say anything to him and he would try to
    make me look stupid and his attitude towards me is just so cunt-like and i
    dont even know why. Im a kid aswell lol. But oh well he isnt gonna hold me
    back! (i wish shane was my trainer tho)

  7. TopblockOwner says:

    i do wing chun

  8. fightTIPS says:

    Today’s question: “What Martial Art Should I Learn FIRST for #MMA?” by
    @joshpylesboxing is answered. You agree?

  9. Jeff Gibson says:

    Muay thai is one the easiest arts ive learned. Kamishin ryu karate is one
    of the hardest ones to perfect. BJJ and grappling both take a lot of
    practice and training to master. I would say do 2 at a time. BJJ and muay
    thai if you plan on competing in MMA.. One of the things ive noticed is its
    hard to teach a mauy thai student karate or thai kwon do. They have a hard
    time breaking those sloppy habits. 

  10. aaronj80231 says:

    Krav maga is a great martial art

  11. LilNinjaxoxo says:

    I have a co worker who is extremely annoying. He enjoys bugging me all day.
    At first he was funny now its just punch worthy annoying. We both like to
    write stories so i told him to read my wattpad stuff. The next time i saw
    he was making fun of me. Its been a couple months n he still pokes at them.
    I started to tell him (mutter) that i would punch him if he doesn’t shut
    up. That lil shit told me I wouldn’t be able to cause he knows karate. Bc
    he got cocky i continued to threaten him. But he always tells me i wont
    Every time i work with him i picture myself beating him sensless.
    I wouldn’t do it on work property but deff out in the parking lot or at a

  12. Dmitry Kuzmenko says:

    how important are jabs in a street fight?

  13. Pseudogod says:

    My martial arts are Krav Maga and Kali.

  14. maplecoconuthead says:

    My parents wont let me do martial arts. Even when i showed them your video
    about it. They say i can do it when i’m 18 but i think thats too late
    because i want to become pro mma fighter thats my dream when i said that
    they were laughing. They dont want people to hit me and my father thinks i
    will become a thug. So now i need to teach myself how to fight, and my
    coaches will be youtube video’s. Atleast i have a good story to tell Dana

  15. juggernuts1000 says:

    damn that wolf with bloody fists is sick. do you have T shirts with that

  16. Sami Abdeldaim says:

    What should I do if someone gets knocked out in a fight?

  17. Thatcomment000 says:

    Any hats coming soon shane? Im waiting on those man!!! Lol

  18. John Lewis says:

    So final answer is .. Muay Thai , Bjj , judo , wrestling and boxing , k
    cool I’ll do that 1st

  19. Mike Reis says:

    Great answer! This unfortunately does take a lot more than a minute to
    answer though, and with how you answered I can tell you understand that as
    well; but in the interest of time I see how you answered the best you can.

    It all depends on why are doing MMA? What is it you look to get out of
    it? Where are you strong or weak, or consider your weakness and
    strengths? Then you have the professional coaches assess your skills and
    go from there. If you’re looking just to get into shape without doing your
    girlfriends zumba classes, then it doesn’t matter you’ll get worked with
    all of it.

  20. Joshua Wilson says:

    I wrestled for a little while but I quit, I was naturally good at it but I
    thought later down the road when I started MMA I might would turn into a
    boring ground & pound fighter.

  21. Chucky Herrera says:

    I love jiu jitsu its my fav. But i also really in joy kickboxing!!!! 

  22. Fonzie Rex says:

    Great Tip Like always Shane, Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Mark Farag says:

    I asked and followed you, please let me win i would love to

  24. GrizzyBearGaming says:

    Best channel on YouTube by far’

  25. Charlieswag9000 says:

    Iron on patchesssssasś

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