25 comments on “When Taunting Goes Wrong (MMA)”

  1. TJJ319 says:

    3:58 I really don’t like that you included Silva vs Diaz. How is that
    taunting gone wrong anyway? If anything it’s taunting gone right because
    Diaz went 5 rounds with a roided up Anderson and still had time to showboat
    the fuck outta him. Disliked.

  2. Cerezo Yambao says:

    Anderson Silva couldnt touch nick diaz

  3. Santa Claus says:

    Nick Diaz won that

    At least is a no contest, but there’s no way that cheap fighter gets the W,
    Diaz conected more, REWATCH THE FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!

  4. TitanIsBack says:

    Yup, them roids got the best of Nick.

  5. Plague Doc says:

    I dont mind strategic taunting. For example Silva does it because it makes
    you annoyed and you just keep wiffing (unless your weidman) and slowly
    break down. But Diaz I feel like does it for the attention. I like his
    fighting style but that shits just annoying.

  6. jtmagicman25 says:

    last laugh was silva got popped. He’s out.

  7. GOonTedgi says:

    fuck this montage, the last one is complete bullshit.

  8. LoungeActVideos says:

    You don’t have to like your opponent, but you should at least respect them
    (or pretend to)

  9. Hugh Jazz says:

    Diaz vs Silva on here was just WRONG 

  10. Alessandro Scuderi says:

    chris leben has a skull made of steel, I dont know how many times I have
    seem get rocked then still just walk through a bunch of punches like
    nothing and start feeding the other guy

  11. Skep Tical says:

    Didn’t Rashad taunt Machida before he got KO’d and made the
    fish-out-of-water face?

  12. Vince Jones says:

    nick one is a bit of a cope out. went 5 rounds with a roided up silva and
    had only done what anderson had do to try and get silva to stand and trade.

  13. chipchipersonmdphd says:

    Haventnseen the vid yet…… but I’m gonna go with the obvious & say
    Anderson silva gettN knocked for clowning is #1

  14. Lachlan fleming says:

    Oh man I love your videos

  15. Plague Doc says:

    MontageKing, you’re about as great as I was back in the medieval
    ages…both heroes of our time.

  16. GrapplerMaster says:

    Niaz only lost by decision…. so i don’t know why he’s in this video. IF
    he got KO’d then it kinda makes sense, but Silva was juiced. so who was the
    real asshole?

  17. Herp Derp says:

    The last one is ‘when taunting goes right’.

  18. MrTcvip says:

    Watching that made me realize just how much of a fake, cheating scumbag
    Silva is. Cant wait to hear his excuses. “My Doctor accidentally injected
    my buttcheeks twice a week for the past year, Now i know why he wanted to
    hide the needle trackmarks.”

    Im calling it now. Diaz and Silvas next fight will be a rematch in 2017.

  19. TangyMeringue says:

    How’d that last one get in?

  20. silenticecream says:

    Nick Diaz is a can.

  21. rollexx says:

    Diaz did great versus a Goat, c’mon that shouldnt be included. but the 2nd
    last one was HILARIOUS.

  22. Nectric says:

    good until the end that cheating fuck should not be in here

  23. batman05655 says:

    should hve saved silva for last lol

  24. Mario Mireles says:

    Praise Jesus your back!!!!!

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