25 comments on “When will Georges St-Pierre Return to the Cage?”

  1. SelfActualized174 says:

    Whether or not he returns, he has left an indelible mark in the sport. IMO
    the greatest welterweight of all time.

  2. Ian Fleischhacker says:

    There are so many more beneficial ways for George to be involved in MMA
    than fighting; I believe that’s true for both him and the sport. George
    have your people call my people- I’ve got an idea or two for you to run

  3. furiousmat says:

    so they made that big fuss about the fact they were going to have GSP
    reveal what his plans were for the future and he just tells them his casual
    answer to the question which tells us nothing.

  4. Danny Shaw says:

    two good knee.. watch out , he’s gonna be on a tear .. lol

  5. MomentumZero says:

    George you better come back. Tommy Toe Hold needs the talent more than the
    UFC does.

  6. Milan Spremo says:

    where you at George?

  7. aceofosea says:

    I don’t think GSP has anything left to prove. He is the greatest
    Welterweight in MMA.

  8. bm2g says:

    he will be fucked now they test for epo & growth

  9. ukchris93 says:

    1:42: now im gonna come back with 2 good knees

    gsp is coming back

  10. Tan4056 says:

    Apparently GSP has been on his knees too much. Lol On the otherhand I
    believe that GSP can beat Hendricks in a rematch and the rest of the
    welterweight division. One bad performance doesn’t mean you suck. Everyone
    has there bad day.

  11. kramer911 says:

    I actually miss guys like gsp and lidell and even silva.

  12. Mark Hughes says:


  13. Roronoa D Vegeta says:

    GSP is the Lance Armstrong of mma, the guy is the most clear cheater in the
    sport and is banging the drum to take some heat off him.

    Funny how he never complained about drug testing until his last fight,
    which he should have lost.

  14. highlander2107 says:


    Google nipple tweaking, gsp, steroids 

  15. FalloutBahis says:

    that guy gets pussy like hell I bet. In Canada he can most likely just say
    hello to any chick and fuck them later that day. Good for him. :D

  16. ChernoBill Gates says:

    bigger vids .thx for the upload

  17. Max Payne says:

    gsp takes ped’s too

  18. DanielReedLockard says:

    GSP should commentate a FOX fight card

  19. Castiel Delosangeles says:

    lol Run George. At first i was glad he ran away after getting his ass
    kicked but now i realize that his ultra boring “style” has figured out and
    if he comes back he will just get his ass kicked worse lol.

  20. Brien Irving says:

    the way he talks its like hes going to fight atleast one more time, but id
    rather see him not. he went out of top and dont want to see another
    chuck/bj fight.

  21. Ding Dinger says:

    @ 1:40 GSP says he’s coming back with two good knees. I believe that he
    accidentally told us that he plans on coming back….

  22. Punisher13LukaBoyka says:

    ! GSP ! <3

  23. enesog says:

    I don’t know. I have nothing bad to say about GSP as a person. He is a rely
    nice guy and everything. Only good things I can say about him as a person.
    But his fights are boring. He is a boring fighter.

  24. JuKa3177 says:

    -__- Please dont come back! 

  25. peralez2383 says:

    best WW ever

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