25 comments on “Why MMA Fighters are Bad Business for TNA”

  1. ReALiTeeChEkk says:

    lol ok i get it. You’re pretending to be a fan who thinks TNA makes great decisions. You have to be trolling cause everyone knows no one is really that stupid. That’s a funny little gimmick u got there JJ.

  2. dprob1985 says:

    Ummm its what i felt like saying…… Are the the youtube first comment replying historian?

  3. David Jean says:

    Poor story line’s sting is robbing all of us

  4. chemicaltoilet18 says:

    to James Jolley
    Your comment needs to be heavily edited for clarity. I had a seizure reading your post

  5. James Jolley says:

    They don’t, he’s rather busy right now eating his way through the entire WWE catering areas at the Summer Shit arena. Nope, we don’t need a waste of space like Heyman, he is good at spending money he hasn’t got. Anyone for a bit of ECW? Perhaps the stupid cunt should apply to do Mcdonalds adverts, he’d be so good at them, cameras wouldn’t be able to fit him in. EVen King Cong is underweight compared to that fucker.

  6. James Jolley says:

    Only 74? Funny! I thought they were wondering if the ATM machines that manage there financial affairs are still working.

  7. James Jolley says:

    Yes, internets! It’s called taking the piss! Look it up, sarcasm is a wonderful thing. Shame it is wasted on most youtube commenters.

  8. James Jolley says:

    Forgive me if I don’t thanks. People have been saying shit like this for years and years and TNA is still around. No, fail! Yet again! Fail!

  9. aelvis83 says:

    Tna will be a thing of the past in 2-4 years and that is being kind. Tna is shit I’d rather watch rock n wrestling episodes lol

  10. Joe Rawn says:

    People have been saying first on every video since Youtube’s existence, are you that new that you have to reply to somoene’s ‘first’ comment?

  11. vincentrich says:

    Is it just me, or has Don Tony become a bit of a dick since Kevin Castle started letting him talk more?

  12. vincentrich says:

    At least TNA is trying. WWE’s done crazy things to try to get attention (celebrity hosts anyone?). Let’s face it, TNA is fxcked. It doesn’t matter what they do, they’re going to be a distant second place. If they want to make noise, then they’ll probably need to completely change their show and their concepts. You can’t compete with WWE in this category.

  13. Jabbaro123 says:

    They messed up with Matt Morgan.

  14. WillFoSkill says:

    He’s proud dont hate on his game..

  15. johnnyboy199688 says:


  16. spinemelter2000 says:

    Don Tony is far too kind by saying he doesn’t have a problem with Bubba Dudley in the ring. I have a problem when their main-event guy has matches that make 60-year-old Hulk Hogan look like the world’s greatest athlete by comparison.

  17. spinemelter2000 says:

    That’s the best news I’ve heard all year. Maybe TNA finally hired someone with competence to manage their finances. Brooke Hogan should have been released along with her kayfabe husband so people with talent can be in the main event.

  18. SavageAcorn says:

    where’s the vid where don tony mocked the August1Warning guy the first time?

  19. J Smith says:

    no my friend you are not. What upsets fans is TNA is lucky to be the No.2 promotion and they blow it with there horrible story lines!

  20. DeadmanInc336 says:

    Am I the only one who gets annoyed beyond belief every single time TNA plays the shot of Tito Ortiz standing on the ramp, arms crossed, nodding his head, with a huge douchy smirk on his face like he’s the hottest thing in wrestling today?

  21. Drinkman7 says:

    Tank Abbot WCW World Champion, you learn from history 

  22. Julian Midgley says:

    They will be no TNA ten years from now trust me…

  23. RMilvae says:

    TNA is dead to me.

  24. tmon785 says:

    Took a wet fart with Tito Ortiz? I don’t think so Don Tony, I think they shit all over themselves with Tito Ortiz!  Lol!

  25. Trent Nathan Andrews says:

    Are you mad no such word as “umad” learn to talk monkey!

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