25 comments on “WHY MMA JUDGING SUCKS!!!”

  1. Tommy Toe Hold says:

    Yes, the moon is nowhere near millions of miles away. I’m tired. And was
    watching fights. And I suck. I failed you science. I failed you :(

  2. mohammad haq says:

    Tommy I agree with some of the stuff you said but you have to be fucking
    blind to give lawler a 49 to 46 de fuq???they should just watch it on a
    television and judge if scoring at cage side is such an issue.. and I dont
    care what people say..its athletic commissions fault to hire somebody who
    has no fucking clue what he is watching.. most of these judges have no
    fight experience..I setiously beleive 90 percent of the nonretard fans
    would do a much better job if they are not biased..

  3. andrew brown says:

    i rewatched the fight yesterday without joe rogan yelling in my ear and
    scored the second round for lawler too. man why are people arguing? lawler
    won that fight hendrix stalled like a mother fucker

  4. Alistair Overeem says:

    Best Tommy Toe Hold video…….Ever.

  5. phoenixsplash135 says:

    I rewatched the fight and can see how they gave him rounds 1, 4 and 5.. but
    the judge that also gave him 2/3 or a 10-8 round had to have been on drugs

  6. Keyser Soze says:

    The hendricks lawler fight is hard to judge, on paper hendricks won, but
    obviously lawler fucked him up and had him basically running away by the
    end of the fight.

  7. Alexander Zamani says:

    So true. I’m more surprised that the judges get it right so often. The
    calls people are angry about are usually the close ones.

    I always think the bouts should be scored, K-1 rules standing, ADCC rules
    grappling and on the ground. Weigh amount of ground time vs standing and
    who was winning the greatest proportion of the fight. For ground strikes ¯\

  8. Joel Zucker says:

    WTF just happened? Tommy actually just gave a cogent take on judging in MMA
    and made me reassess. Fuck you Tommy! Leave my ill-conceived preconceptions

  9. Bardre Purnell says:

    Tommy, the moon isn’t millions of miles away. Just 230,000 or so. Yeah, I
    had to be “that guy”. 

  10. Chris Lowe says:

    this is the same with any combat sport when it goes the distance, it’s not
    like we can have MMA bouts to go on until there’s a finish, that’d be
    insane. When you have two guys as tough and as evenly matched as Hendricks
    and Lawler, you’re going to see some controversy not matter who won. Maybe
    they need to add two more judges. It’s not something that seems can be
    fixed overnight. 

  11. Christopher Nutt says:

    I’d be perfectly happy with more fights being ruled a draw. It becomes a
    problem with stalling wrestlers though and title contention and
    championship bouts pose a problem too. But there are some fights where I
    think neither guy deserves a loss on their record. I think some of the
    judges are beginning to score the wrestling a bit more objectively and not
    as ridgid to the criteria in pure wrestling organisations, which I think is
    a good thing. But wrestling biased fans seem to be getting a bit more
    butthurt. This is mma, being on top doesn’t mean you’re winning
    neccesserily, because we’ve all seen guys win from the bottom.

    On the Hendricks v Lawler fight, I had Lawler winning 1, 4 and 5 by a very
    close margin and Hendricks winning 2 & 3 by not as close a margin. I was a
    bit confused when Rogan was totally convinced Hendricks had it in the bag.

  12. Nick Silva says:

    most of these judges don’t know shit about the ground game, and a lot of
    them don’t know shit about elbows, knees, and kicks. what we need is fresh
    judges that know what the fuck they’re watching, and we need 6 of them.
    three to judge the standing, three to judge when it goes to the ground. and
    they should actually TRY at their fucking job. while the fight is on the
    ground the judges for standing should be fed video to reevaluate their
    original scoring, and vice versa for the ground judges. after a fight they
    should take more than twelve seconds to deliver a decision, and put their
    information together to figure out who ACTUALLY won. eliminating any bias
    or emotional involvement. just because the crowd goes ooooooooh doesn’t
    mean give that guy a 10/7 round. also takedowns shouldn’t count for the
    same as 100 punches.

  13. DirtMcGirt BBJ says:

    Tommy tryin to channel some Nate Diaz type shit, weak, fail. Unsubbd.

  14. John Sprunger says:

    What if we had two more judges, and they all have to be extremely qualified
    to judge an mma fight, yet unbiased towards the fighters inside the cage. I
    know the sport is fairly new but we have people retiring all the time from
    mma that would be great to score these cards. Even a journeymen mma fighter
    with a losing record damn sure has a better opinion about who won a round
    subjectively then the average mma judge today (old guy who use to judge

  15. Tom Mannion says:

    lol at you thinking we went to the moon! It’s 2014 and China wants to do it
    and has no fucking clue how USA did without humans dying.

  16. Kody Walker says:

    Time for the overtimes to start. Especially in title fights. I know every
    fan would rather see a fight go to a finish. And as you may recall UFC used
    to call fights that went the distance a draw which is very much what it is.

  17. OzGreat Sage says:

    You effectively bored the shit out of me. You wish you’re Godfather 3
    you’re more like Movie 43 except you don’t have a sizeable cast of
    recognizable actors and actresses, it’s just your stupid voice and cartoon

  18. Adam McDermott says:

    I agree so much with this. I genuinely thought Hendricks won the fight
    based on how judges would score it. I hoped Lawler would win because he was
    trying to finish and went for it in the last round, which I think is the
    most important. At the same time, I had no idea who would actually come out
    in the decision.

    Two of the greatest athletes engaging in one of the highest forms of
    competition and I was clueless as to who actually won. Something needs to

    Just my two cents. 

  19. drexP says:

    maybe have 2 sets of judges. 3 judges judge certain aspects of the fight
    and the other 3 judges can judge the other aspects, if that makes any
    sense? or Jean claud van Damn can judge all the fights and steven segal can
    have his own ‘unofficial score’ for each round, similar to jimmy smith.

  20. Chris l says:

    judge scored for lawler at ufc 181 49-46 he thought that lawler won 4 rds
    go back and watch no way in this fucking lifetime… \Hendricks dominated
    2 rds and 3 rds were close or lawler won. anyone with a brain wouldnt argue
    that. no fucking excuse for that bad judging.

  21. The Otaku Hipster says:

    I dont like that if the fights go the distance, the entire outcome is in
    the responsibility of 3 unknown people, take the Penne vs Markos
    fight…ONE judge scored it 30-27 for Pene!! going to the 3rd round it was
    easily one round a piece!!!

  22. Marco Sotelo says:

    If you see something and judge it based on your observations, that’s an
    objective point of view… Subjective is what someone else tells you. You
    knowing what you’re talking about is subjective- it’s all in your head. Us
    seeing you cry about judging for 4 minutes bored out of our minds- that’s
    an objective view point. I hope the next video is about something worth
    watching, like the fight that’s on tonight. Don’t waste another show
    telling people what they already know. 

  23. Joe Lags says:

    I think the ref should judge the fight or maybe a group of people analyze
    the fight from all different angles on instant video like the viewers watch
    it on paperview. It’s a better look at the action than the crowd sees it. 

  24. TubeYou says:

    I am not going to lie I thought Hendrix was going to win only because how
    gay MMA judging is a lot of the time but like sackface here said it’s all
    about that word effective. Yeah Hendrix may have got a few takedowns but he
    didn’t do shit with them really but stall just like when he was leg humping
    up against the cage. IN my mind he went into the last round thinking he had
    won so he just tried to nullify Lawler instead of fight and that’s a big
    part of what lost it for him. I personally think this was one of the few
    times judges got it right and people are just so used to seeing guys get
    rewarded for getting useless takedowns and not going for subs or doing
    anything with them that it shocked them to see judges not score his as
    effective. This is a fight not a makeout/dry hump session so if the
    only thing you effectively do with your takedowns is give cuddles and hugs
    they probably shouldn’t command to much authority on the score cards.

  25. RealScience says:

    If nobody wins there should be a 1 minute death round 

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