25 comments on “WILL LESNAR RETURN TO MMA!?!?!?”

  1. Shawn Reardon says:

    Its too good,I tried to like it again. Love ya Tommy. 

  2. OGjimbo says:

    Damnit Tommy, as soon as my dog Lucy heard the sound of your voice she
    started shitting uncontrollably all over my living room. She’s obviously
    trying to tell us something.

  3. AlfredoOne19 says:

    VITOR!! xD

  4. TheProgamerpl says:



    cock lesbian, diego ‘the wet dream’ sanchez…oh i’ve missed you tommy

  6. GearsDemon says:

    diaz 1, 2 , 5 lmfao

  7. TheJdecka says:

    fuck UFC fight pass. I dont give a fuck if they give you a month free
    trial. Fuck that shit. I already pay enough for PPV’s, now i have to pay
    more to watch the same fights??? Fuck you Tommy. This is your fucking fault

  8. Pedro Adrian Garabito says:

    Renan barao face its so funny!!!

  9. Kish Patel says:

    Vitor Needs To Kick You Tomas. Maybe Then You’ll Get A Show Out On Time.

  10. rzrselliott says:

    damn man my night was going just fine until I saw this bullshit in my

  11. mohammed ally says:

    Funny show. Tell your bosses at UFC to hurry up their approval process
    though! So you can upload them quicker!

  12. Anthony Jocko says:

    You have good taste in Donkey Kong, Mr. Toe Hold

  13. chief2177 says:

    that ending!!! lmao DUCK Luke!

  14. soulinite says:


  15. jja67890 says:

    I just found out it takes 11 mins 37 secs of shit animation to make u
    contemplate suicide

  16. RoxMeNot says:

    So worth the wait! I had to pause it 4 times while I stopped laughing! I
    have an exam in 5 hours and I’m watching this again…. if I fail I’m
    blaming you Tommy!

  17. Danny G says:

    “I left all my fucks with the aliens” hahahaahha

  18. Djinn LV says:

    Best thing on YouTube, hands down.

  19. jcracker says:

    omfg brock was perfect

  20. Swordisk says:

    Im not ganna lie tommy this episode was as understandable as an ultimate
    warrior promo.

  21. Louis Catliff says:

    genius tommy, pure genius

  22. vlastos says:

    Blood in his Phillipoop hahahah

  23. Fred Groleau says:

    Good stuff man good stuff lolololol

  24. Dae Han says:

    “If the UFC was pro PEDs? I’m pretty sure THE REEM would still be THE REEM
    and not the stay puff marshmallow man!” HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA
    Nooooo shit!

  25. Jota Gabriel says:

    This show it’s normal.

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