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  1. TheJerseyassasin says:

    everything but ameridote is a joke!

  2. conan sony says:

    BJJ/UFC= GAY FIGHTER…their style LIKE GAYPORN SHIT!!!! Bwahahaha

  3. ClearwaterMMA says:

    what a foolish reply. so you are talking 2 on 1?? 2 on 4?? 1 on 1 street fight is what we are talking. no weapons. all those fighting styles suck and are useless vs a groundfighter

  4. rut119 says:

    Charp attacking, good eyes and brain, if you got these , you could win any fight with any martial arts.

  5. rut119 says:

    If u use bjj or wrestling it streetfight you will get another guy stamp at your face while u trying to choke them or you will never dodge the random punches. There is no best martial art in this world you idiot. Good eyes, charp attacking and fight with brain is the only way you will rule the fight not martial arts.

  6. Cooketh77 says:


  7. ClearwaterMMA says:

    wing fung, akido, pintak silat, karate,kung fufu<<< all suck. you guys awasted your money learining this crap. lol oh I forgot krav maga. ground fighting is the best form of fighting. boxing and muay thai are good for stand up but the can't beat a skilled bkjj guy in a street fight. go get your money back from the people who taught you wing fu and kung chi. LOLOLOLOLOLOL

  8. Rippermanify says:

    well, let those gays their floor hugging other men and they calling it as “fight”. LOL ! I am just happy, I can everytime beat those prics on street thanks to wing chun, that havent any stupid limiting rules. They can live in their dreams how good their are, because they winning in ring hugging on floor with other men…. hahahaha…. so pro fighters.

  9. Rippermanify says:

    exactly ! There is no gay hugging on floor in real fight as shown in video. MMA gays just hugging on floor because 1) they are restricted what to do. 2) thy are gays who like hugging other men.
    There is no other explanation to (chuck, chuck) fight on floor with other man. LOL.

  10. Francois Davis says:

    let me guess ….you’re a dumbass brain dead boxer who’s comprehension skills have been numbed by how many times you’ve been training how to take a punch like a brain dead dipsh!!t

  11. Francois Davis says:

    been beaten over and over?? lol…yeah….how about a compilation of all the wins? I bet they’ll out weigh the losses

  12. Francois Davis says:

    the actual joke here is that you took all the fights lost by amateur wing tsun practitioners and compiled it your own personal space of self betterment delusions. the only actual pro practitioner had 14 wins and no loss you stupid hammock for a (u.nt…are you that offended and scared of a style that you’ll go to lengths to demoralize a system that you actually know squat about. How about we quickly compile a 10 hour clip of all the fights won using wing tsun ???how weak and pathetic you lot are

  13. Freund2300 says:

    strange bunch of wing tsun users you got there…. many use alot of kicks, which wing tsun barely uses (mostly in groupfight situations), none of them used the typical defence against kicks and low body tackels which is a basic for wing tsun. Actually I couldn’t make out any wing tsun in this video at all. I don’t belive wing tsun is one of the best fighting styles, but it’s not desinged to be a sport, it’s an effective form of selfdefence and this video doesn’t do it justice..

  14. UnnamedZ SmurfyZ says:

    fact wing chun use by nun… and invent by nun to protect themselves from bandit it’s an art that made for women to protect themselves i feel no fancy about it

  15. Gun C says:

    dont know why some people treat cage fighting as real fight. Like in ufc, u cant do lots of things. but in real life, if u fight to dead, when u fight on ground, u can hit eyes, balls, etc. u wont fight like jon jones. u wont see 2 guys hug on the ground for awhile n wait for the best time to attack becuz of those rules. but, in real deadly fight, for example, people will try to break the fingers once they touch their hands, etc, etc. there r too many other ways much more easier to kill a man…

  16. IPJDK says:

    effective in the sense, nature of wing chun was self defense not sport, in the hands of the right people the art its self can be come deadly. When you place and non restrictive Martial Art like wing chun into a sport arena like mma, the art is made restricted and the WC practitioner is limited. In my experience both are effective within there arena

  17. IPJDK says:

    Wing chun the concept of wing chun is very different .. mma is a sport at least it has become one, its faults, is, that it is govern by rules in the competitive arena, you train to fight within the compounds on these rules and some respect you do become restricted, I am not saying one is better than the other, i have fought mma on a competitive scale and I have fought wing chun, in a street fight, I find through experience the wing chun system is very effective.. (continued)

  18. Fatih Deniz says:

    wing chun is not the complete and best martial art but the wc practitionars are not good at their art..they are not even try to use the basic principles of wc that are closing the gap and using chain puches

  19. LeeAshen says:

    Actually, something has struck me recently. I think why a lot of martial arts like WC don’t work in MMA because they are primarily designed to fight people who are not skilled in fighting. In MMA are you training everyday to fight against opponents with very specific and scary skills. In most martial arts, you train to become stronger – and you do. No normal guy is gonna fuck with you and walk away unscathed. Trained guys on the other hand are a totally different story.

  20. MrBeckenhimself says:

    One who uses MMA to fight on the streets is a complete idiot same thing goes for people who uses Wing Chun for street fighting they are all missing the point.
    It’s not supposed to be used that way.
    As for the debate of who is better than who really shows how old people are or what mentality they’ve got.
    Fight to prove who’s better than someone else is a fools way of reasoning.

  21. MrBeckenhimself says:

    Love the back and forth debate on here.
    One word comes to mind STUPID.
    If you think that MMA is for actually street fighting then you might wanna consider to stop watching it. MMA is a contact sport. You think Jon Jones and GSP to name a few walk around on the streets to pick fights with people? No. That’s not what it’s about. MMA isn’t street fighting nor should it ever be street fighting.
    Can MMA/UFC fighters beat up most people if they want to?
    Sure but they are smart enough to avoid fights.

  22. Rippermanify says:

    There is one major problem in your comments. There is no wing chun guys in your video. Lol. You just collect random noobs, who cant anything. Cause thats the only one you can beat and with who you can gay hugging on floor.

  23. titsonabulldozer says:

    Guy dancing in background at around 54 mins all that’s worth watching

  24. lapacho says:

    A great video that shows how much Wing Chun sucks balls.

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