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  1. 138mws says:

    wing chun vs MMA

  2. graffitiking100 says:

    Thanks for expraining the probrem

  3. Songtoria FX says:

    Really respect his honesty here

  4. James G Rivera says:

    So, Master Wong, is what you are saying is that if an MMA fighter were to
    attack you in the streets he would beat you?

  5. Owen Prescott says:

    So much respect to Master Wong for being honest in this video, I think most
    instructors (including boxing) would be in denial.

  6. 155UR 5H4NK0V17CH says:

    Okay, so what I got from this is: you just have to adapt and change, while
    applying what you know otherwise. While the various wing chun forms are
    useful elsewhere, you’ve gotta move and adapt your way of
    thinking/attacking to your opponent, because they’re
    moving/attacking/defending differently than what you’d encounter in a
    real-world fight.
    If I’m wrong or missed an important point be nice about it and leave me

  7. elchacal31 says:

    I think the main problem is this, the fact that Wing Chun has all this
    traditional stances, you loose the stance you loose everything you trained
    for. I think this is what Bruce Lee fixed (just a way to call it) this in
    JKD and eventually in MMA, you must be in constant move (like water)

  8. bachatadiccion says:

    smart guy

  9. fx02zbn says:

    Wing Chun does not belong in the ring or to be used in a contest.
    Wing Chun is about ending a fight as quickly as possible, it is for
    survival, not points or trophies.
    Wing Chun is as deadly as a man armed with a knife or gun, which is why
    knives and guns are not allowed in the ring.
    NEVER confuse Wing Chun with any martial art that is used for sport.

  10. dingoleh says:

    I’m no expert on Wing Chun but I’m sure I’ve seen Anderson Silva doing some
    Wing Chun blocking techniques in the UFC. At least that’s what it looks
    like to me. He uses a lot of hand movements as if he trains on a Wing Chun

  11. Frank Gonzales says:

    MMA is a mixture of various martial arts . 

  12. Choof says:

    One of the few people in the UFC who actually stick to their original
    martial arts, is Lyoto Machida, great Karate fighter.

  13. René Moncayo says:

    Wouldnt they be prepared for that in shanshou/san da and wasnt set as a
    system for street fighting (which is more dangerous) back in hk?

  14. anaconda118 says:

    Do the Shaolin monks stay still when they fight? (ie not move about like a
    jkd exponent)

  15. Keith Carter says:

    Lets spar master wong. I think I can take you,,,,,, lol yea right thats a
    death wish

  16. xavier RJS. says:

    As Mr Lee said become like water my friend,as water can flow in any
    direction or any environment.

  17. 박명진 says:

    that becomes JKD
    am i not right ???

  18. мага алиев says:

    MMA will never bring you to mental equilibrium. It’s for dummies that ARE

  19. SiCk SiDer says:

    So my question, since traditional wing chun and kung fu for that matter, is
    not practical at all in mma. Joe Rogan even said so in an interview, is
    master Wong system, contemporary wing chun useful against current mma? Like
    If I train master Wong wing chun and I walk down the street bump into an
    mma fighter, who is more likely to win? No octagon no rules.? 

  20. angelloakira says:

    I think any one who cannot use their martial art in all moments, is some
    one who is not a real martial artist, people get anal about styles and
    whats better.. My kung fu teacher nvm had a problem with mma or bjj or
    anything lol … Always free flow man. Its true be like water and flow
    around the obstacles down this river call life weather the obstacles are
    wearing mma gloves or not. If you are to close minded to accept that all
    martial arts are the same in some way and refuse to learn how to use it
    agaisnt everything in life not just fighting.. Then guy your not a real
    kung fu guy or martial arts guy. To all remember fighting is the lowest
    level of martial arts training 🙂 lol its what i heard… I just dig it.
    But train for all moments !!! Bye yo and dont argue over this comment
    because thats not being water either 

  21. SplinterProd says:

    Thank you master Wong for being honest ! I hope people could be more like

  22. Leon Yu says:

    this is why Bruce comes from Wingchun but only used it as fundamental and
    expended with every form of martial art to create the ultimate form of
    martial art which he believes, JKD. But still, in his theory, JKD is a
    complete theory which is not completed. I wish he’s still with us. RIP.

  23. abdi khaif says:

    Wise Nobel master, RESPECT 

  24. Mike Doolittle says:

    It seems pretty obvious that a practitioner of a martial art that makes
    extensive use of ankle, knee and other joint strikes as well as strikes to
    the throat, eyes, back of the head, etc., would have a lot of trouble in a
    sanctioned sport fight in which all such strikes are prohibited.

  25. wiclef1986 says:

    Not bad (Y)

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