24 comments on “Winner Taps Out In Amateur MMA Fight”

  1. WilliamRayWalters says:

    I’d rather get sent to the hospital then have someone give me a pity
    win….but that’s just me.

  2. RockOn1m1 - Oculus Vids, Disgusting Challenges & More! says:

    Wow respect.

  3. Guywithcrazyideas says:

    Finally, the old boxing saying, “He’s got Heart” rings true in real life.

  4. fulltimespy says:

    why even fight if ur gonna tap out when winning, if u don’t want to hurt
    him cuz he didn’t train enough for the fight put him in a choke or
    submission, he won’t get hurt and you win the fight

  5. DoggieoProductions says:

    This dosnt make sense, couldn’t he have just played defence till the end?
    Stopping because he was winning too bad just sounds retarded.

  6. cccEngineer says:

    What does the guy say at 1:20. I couldn’t understand him.

  7. xHighDeff says:

    don’t do that shit when you turn pro, fuq up your record

  8. Mallaceis says:

    Le reddit army has arrived !.

  9. jfsoccervids says:

    that other kid looks like he never fought in his life lol cant even fucking
    punch correctly wtf

  10. theblackslcmamba says:

    Crazy how humans in this day of age still have the audacity to look out for
    their fellow being, the virtue of mercy and compassion.
    How dare he.


  11. dick3234 says:

    What an awful fucking thing to do to the guy, humiliating him like that.
    I’ll take the beating over somebodys pity any day. There’s no shame in
    losing a fight.

  12. 1q3er5 says:

    the ref should have stopped it…if the opponent is getting pummeled, the
    ref should stopped the fight, regardless if he is still haplessly trying to
    compete. Seen it happen in boxing…mma could learn something…

  13. BanEntitled Brats says:

    That guy that tapped = Loser in life

  14. Omar Correa says:

    If it was a pro fight and that was going to affect his pro record he
    probably wouldn’t have done that. At the same time, the other guy probably
    wouldn’t have been so unprepared if he was a pro fighter.

  15. Paul Lindsey Sims Jr. says:

    I don’t agree with this at all. He should have just finished the guy. This
    is not what fighting is about. This sort of mercy and pity is just

  16. Kombaiyashii says:

    In other news, San An’ forfeited against OKC because they were up 15 points
    in the fourth quarter.

  17. Jon Doe says:

    honorable.. but would your opponent award you the same compassion? 

  18. I Know Everything. Don't Reply. I Am 100 Percent Correct. says:

    Lol. It may blemish his record but he’s gonna get attention for doing this.
    It’s whatever. He’s a good fighter.

  19. videogamegenius says:


  20. tyrone league says:

    He truly is a real human being…and a real hero

  21. ownedpked says:


  22. Broseph Stalin says:

    The guy in the black and blue fights like a blind drunk with cerebral

  23. xbatusai says:

    Mike Pantangco choose Mercy

  24. mxq88 says:

    wtf?? the guy wasn’t even hurt that bad. they’re fricken flyweights ffs,
    the guy was stumbling a bit but honestly he just looked gas. dumbass
    deserved to get an L on his record if he’s gonna do something stupid
    ‘heroic’ like that. it’s just insulting to the other fighter

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