25 comments on “Woodley Answers Rogan, Next WW Title Contender and Henderson vs. Khabilov on MMA Newsmakers”

  1. Zahrlavi says:

    Woodley just doesn’t want any criticism about his gas tank to impede his
    title chances.

  2. TheAntManChannel says:

    I hope Khabilov gets destroyed!

  3. HydroBud98 says:

    I’m cool with Henderson vs. Khabilov. Henderson has not been looking
    dominant in his last few fights that he has won and obviously he lost the
    Belt to Pettis. I think he lost to Thompson, Edgar the 2nd time and a lot
    of people thought he lost against Melendez so I’m cool with this matchup. I
    mean who else could he fight? Nurmagomedov vs. Dos Anjos is already booked
    for April 19th, he already fought Diaz and was completely dominant,
    Melendez is fighting Pettis later this year and Grant is still out.

  4. Jaime Campos says:

    Dude!!! Robin Black is fuckin awesome love watchin him talk about the

  5. aaronCapricorn says:

    hope Henderson retires after this. he’s a legend. he KO’d Fedor.

  6. VigilanteJustice17 says:

    Condit always turns it up later in the fight, sad to see him get injured.

  7. Roronoa D Vegeta says:

    Also Robin PLEASE answer these two questions:

    1. Do you train to finish someone with a double leg? Because if he wasn’t
    trying to hurt Condit and he did it was a fluke by definition. Where do you
    draw the line on a “clean win”, is it a clean win if Condit hurt his knee
    taking down Woodley or got his foot stuck in the cage?

    I don’t know what your thinking some times, I’d like to see these fighters
    who consider a knee injury off a take down a legit finish.

    2. How does Woodley deserve a shot when he lost to Sheilds and Marquart in
    his last 5 fights and Lombard just destroyed Sheilds, who by the way not
    only beat Sheilds but also beat Condit !??! 

  8. HydroBud98 says:

    MacDonald vs. Woodley should be the #1 Contender fight, Diaz vs. Lawler 2
    should happen and Lombard vs. Kim. Its not that complicated if no one is
    injured and if Dana and Joe would just have some patience. MacDonald and
    Woodley are both in similar positions in my opinion, both just need 1 more
    fight to earn the Title Shot.

  9. Roronoa D Vegeta says:

    Disagree with them on Woodley, he has gassed almost every 3rd round I’ve
    seen him fight. He landed “big right hands that would have KO’d anyone
    else”, but the guy has 2 KOs in his whole career. Condit ate his best
    punches and was never even close to being finished so please stop with the
    “he was winning so he would have won”.

    Woodley is 3-2 with wins over two people who are now retired because there
    are way past there prime and one win due to a fluke injury.

  10. Nicholas Torres says:

    I personally don’t like Woodley cause its obvious he’s on some sort of ped

  11. Edge Snob says:

    I’d rather see Nick Diaz fight Henderson then any one else, that’s just me.

  12. HBKCommish says:

    What Robin says at 4:15 hit the nail one the head in my opinion. I do think
    Joe went into that fight thinking Condit would win, but I don’t think he
    was trying to make Woodley look bad. Just bringing peoples attention to
    possible variables. 

  13. wrexshunt says:

    We’ll said at the start by john 

  14. Yo Yo Ho says:

    Tyron Woodley is turning out to be a douchebag.

  15. Pablo Mora says:

    diaz is the real draw… 

  16. MrBluesyoucanuse says:

    Woodley was dominant. I know Condit comes on strong as the fight goes but
    it seemed that everything Woodley did was making an impact on Condit. Rory
    will not perform well against JH…GSP did but Rory will struggle. Let’s
    keep in mind that since now JH is champ, a grinded out close decision will
    not get Rory the belt anyhow. The win has got to be decisive or the champ
    stays the champ and I don’t see Rory stopping JH

  17. Joe Turner says:

    +Case Morg what’s a bonnet in uk its the same as a hood of a car in the

  18. TheLush85 says:

    Khabilov deserves this fight. Been watching him since he first came to
    UFC. Henderson is gonna have his hand full. Khabilov has a bright
    future. And unfortunately at his first few weight-ins people didn’t
    understand what he was wearing on his head and Boo-ed him.

  19. SUNSPYtm says:

    Great discussion about Woodley. Guy is a damn beast been a huge fan for a
    while now

  20. marcuelcajon says:

    Hendricks vs Rory
    Woodley vs Lombard
    Matt Brown vs Nick Diaz
    Shields vs Kim
    Make it happen!

  21. MetalHeadJuggalo says:

    when i was watching the fight live on ppv, i was thinking woodley looks
    likes hes starting to gass a bit & condit was making a surge right before
    his knee popped, im not defending rogan, but thats just how i was seeing it
    at the time

  22. josephthemighty says:

    Robin please get your butt on the JRE experience. Would love to hear you
    two talk mma for hours.

  23. John Doe says:

    I liked Woodley UNTIL he went on the mma hour and said ‘It wasn’t like
    Silva breaking his leg on Weidman.’ So you’re trying to take away from
    Weidman’s win and saying your win wasn’t a freak accident!?!

    He just got beat by Shields, and got KTFO by Marquardt. He beat an aging
    bum in Heiron who shouldn’t have even been fighting in the UFC (again) and
    just retired. He beat an aging Kos who has been getting KTFO and wants to
    retire but DW doesn’t want his top heel to quit, he wants him to keep
    getting brain damage.

    Woodley, I liked you, but like others before you, you open your mouth and
    start talking and you sound like a whining. cry baby. Your 2-2 in your last
    4, not counting the freak Condit win. Your training partner, Lombard,
    deserves it over you.

  24. EM Thiele says:

    Woodley is a joke. I hope he stubs his toe

  25. lakeeffectmusicable says:

    I think Dana is trying to boost Benson Hendersons stock with this fight.
    If Benson dominates and finishes, as intended, then he becomes more
    popular, and gets a title shot soon. As a fight fan, I’d love to see him
    against Nurmagomedov though, and it would make sense in the rankings. It’s
    tough for him to be able to sell a trilogy with Pettis to Dana, or fight
    fans for that matter. Henderson is a smooth fighter and deserves that
    nickname, the dude is cold. But the average spectator that doesn’t know
    MMA might not find his style appealing and I think putting him up against
    Rustam Khabilov might help Henson better demonstrate his skill set, and for
    Khabilov to get some amazing experience with a former champion.

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