25 comments on “Woody vs Andy Sparring MMA (@ragingkorean)”

  1. andrew munion says:

    He is fucking with him

  2. Brennan Edwards says:

    Good job woody. You know your stuff. Your placement of punches are good but they are very slow. You also don’t want to back up as much because you don’t want that small guy to get in on you, it takes away your advantage. You should make him have to come after you, not back into a corner. Im sure you’re having loads of fun and wish you the best!

  3. JFFNNS says:

    Good job but get that hand speed up

  4. Sean Bennett says:


  5. Brennan Edwards says:

    Elpresador would just yell at everyone and win

  6. JordanFifaFC says:

    woody is well in shape for his age.

  7. Wolf Haley says:


  8. Fefenrs says:

    andy didnt try his hardest…

  9. Mad Money Banks says:

    I wish there was a YouTuber MMA Competition. I wonder who would win…

  10. spartan060497 says:

    He’s at joe lozans house

  11. Stephen Parkes says:

    I know how knackering that is for a guy of Woody’s age 🙂 but it has to be said he punches like my son who never really got the hang of it. The young guys would spar circles around me (I suppose like I did doing Karate as a teen) but I’d get my own back on the floor where experience still counts 😉

    Practice might not make perfect but it really helps. You’re a brave man just going out there to train Woody. Good on ya.

  12. zombie222999 says:

    He’s using Joe’s computer.

  13. TheMaster363 says:

    because woody is about 45! years old and he is sparring against a prof that is about 20 years younger than him that also has had much better training. With woody’s age and training he actually did pretty good against a prof and because you failed to understand that and commenten with ”Woody you are so shit its incredible” you are incredibly stupid. Do you now understand it?

  14. PepsimaxL says:

    Nice fight! you are becoming really good at this! Keep up the good work woody!

  15. FiercePumpkin says:

    Why have all of your videos lately been out of sync?

  16. TheDeputyWeld says:

    Not bad for a beginner, he’s certainly got balls. Way too slow on his feet though

  17. TheBlackJokerXD says:

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  18. Thomas McGuinness says:

    Takes balls to go against a mma that’s smaller and take hits. Much respect.

  19. Im Wings says:


  20. ohSWFT says:

    ok cheers bud

  21. Anish Adheen says:

    rising up back on the street! #rocky

  22. mademechangeit says:

    You do realize he trains because he likes to not because he intends on beating people up, no shit Woody would get hammered on by a trained fighter. It is the untrained people which are vulnerable.

  23. mademechangeit says:

    His name is Matt, his surname is woodworth which is shortened to “Woody”. lol,

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