22 comments on “WORST FOULS IN MMA 2”

  1. Don Serna says:


    The biggest collection groin shots, eye pokes and other illegal moves in

  2. Saint Seiya says:

    Jon jones is a dirty bastard

  3. unenslaved2012 says:

    Nothing is accidental in my opinion, its all very deliberate

  4. Mixed Martial Arts - MMA says:


    The biggest collection groin shots, eye pokes and other illegal moves in

  5. thaghost1988 says:

    Pride rules – No Grab Rope!

  6. TheAllstar22 says:

    Should just allow pride rules, removal the cage and add a ring. It’s alot
    more obvious for a ref to notice someone holding on to a rope than the
    cage, I see in every fight people using the cage to grab on to and hold
    themself up.

  7. Christopher Leyva says:

    Michael Bisping and that eye poke….Karma’s a real Bitch!

  8. TheAllstar22 says:

    The fuck you’re not allowed to use the heel of your foot to hit the kidney?
    thats lame.

  9. Samir Al Asmari says:

    Ridiculous, especially the referees

  10. Kujien says:

    big john is an idiot

  11. TheSpanishzombie says:

    Let at least jon jones fight with the pride gloves if UFC doesnt change the
    gloves, at least jones

  12. Espo says:

    good stuff as usual bro

  13. Tomasz Urbański says:

    I hate that fatherfvcker Jones I hope Cormier breaks him. Sooner or later
    someone will lose vision in eye, what those judges are doing?

  14. mik31168 says:

    Who else is tired of that ad with the ripped Asian dude “stuffing himself
    with food?”

  15. CuddlePuppy says:

    Fun fact: immediately before the kick at 6:31, the ref told the fighter,
    “don’t kick him in the groin!”

  16. SuppressorBN says:

    Wow, I’m shocked about the bleeding eye. Damn. Bisping is a fucking

  17. vViTzJVLAc5taVv says:

    You are the best!!!

  18. mike salvador says:

    great videos, i am amazed zuffa hasn’t tried to take down your videos yet

  19. Rob The Robot says:

    Jones is such a dirty fighter. He has over 10 CLEAR eye pokes in the UFC
    and he hasn’t lost a point once. The refs will have to wake up. The guy has
    a history of using eye pokes as a strategy. As a ref you should
    automatically tke a poi nt the 1st poke and DQ him the 2nd time. If the ref
    doesn’t do that (which he won’t because Jones is the golden boy of the
    UFC) DC should gouge Jon’s eyes out. Take the thumb and the index and pull
    this cheating asshole’s eye off his socket. Then call it unintentional like
    Jones always does. Anyone who has ever sparred with 4oz UFC gloves know
    that’s not what causes the eye pokes. You HAVE to extend your fingers to
    poke somebody. MMA/NHB used to be no gloves and there weren’t as much pokes
    as now because dirty fighters now use the glove as an excuse to use dirty
    strategy. What Jones is doing is similar to boxers who elbow and headbutt
    intentionally. They know they can get away with it at least once in the
    fight and they’ll only have a warning, not even a point deduction.

  20. Chris Poole says:


    The biggest collection groin shots, eye pokes and other illegal moves in

  21. MrColdwatercanyon says:

    Ben hendersons thumb to Diaz eye should be added

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