25 comments on “Worst MMA fighter ever Top 5 hilarious”

  1. LE PEE PEE MAN says:


  2. Lexus Beema says:

    *Only in America would someone call an MMA Fighter a

  3. Kankuro1138 says:

    Wow some of these people were definitely not ready for MMA. I hate seeing
    shit like in the 2nd fight where all the fighter does is sloppily spam TD
    attempts failing horribly and not wanting to actually fight. At least train
    some basic boxing for awhile first and learn how to both defend and take a
    shot so as to not fear getting hit. Instead of telegraphing a TD attempt,
    use striking to set up a takedown, get comfortable with the range and use
    better timing to open up opportunities to shoot in – don’t become too
    predictable, mix it up.

  4. furiousmat says:

    seriously some of these were complete fails from these guys teams… I mean
    if you’re a coach and you know your guy is nowhere near ready for a fight
    you need to call him off. Aight for the guy who had the balls to volunteer
    at the weigh ins or that idiot at the end who obviously went on its own..
    But some of these dudes just obviously weren’t prepared they didn’t even
    know how to stand. If you’re a coach and one of your guys is so unprepared
    it’s your responsibility to tell him not to fight or to refuse to coach him
    if he insists. You can’t be part of that.

  5. Avast Samble says:


  6. harjeet abusaleem says:


  7. vinny kins says:

    2nd fight perfect example of what happens if you do not train standup

  8. dert jim says:

    i need to buy that guys tapes he is legit

  9. odessaboy says:

    Eventhough these guys sucked, at least they gloved up and put their money
    where their mouth is. Through blood, pain, broken bones, and potentially
    months of agony afterwards, they earned their right to say, “i got in the
    ring”. That’s still more than most people can say.

  10. chuck norris says:

    this could be the best thing to ever happen to a person, experiencing
    combat really opens a mans eyes, even if he gets the shit kicked out of

  11. Husehiki John says:


  12. x1altair says:

    how about jose canseco?

  13. yogocomedy says:

    “this technique could work in an open field”

  14. Erick lopez says:

    I love how the fat guy in 2:32 calls him a pussy

  15. Forest Camper says:

    You gotta give it to the first kid, he sucked but he kept trying.

  16. EL3 Imagery says:

    “he trains by dodging cars in open traffic” hahahahaha

  17. R Smith says:

    This whole video was painful to watch..

  18. Direwolf3450 says:

    #2 is funny as hell

  19. Noey Melendez II says:

    Something needs to be done with low level mma i cant stand seeing theese
    guys that dont know how to fight its the one thing about mma is this low
    level stuff is wanna be tough guys its not like amateur boxing thats
    completley organized and sanctioned 

  20. Alden Dichiara says:

    number 2 looks like javale mcgee

  21. won93r says:

    More entertaining than see two dudes dry hump in each other for 3 min

  22. Daniel Hagans says:

    If you haven’t got the balls to step in a cage, don’t make fun of someone
    who does. 

  23. John Jeffire says:

    Who in the hell allowed these guys in the ring? Not even funny. BS on the
    promoters of this garbage.

  24. optimine says:

    -3 seconds? lmaowtf

  25. RangerWalker007 says:

    that means under 3 seconds …

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