25 comments on “Worst MMA fighter ever- Top 5”

  1. Shatsman50 says:

    “just because you have the balls to step in the ring…doesnt mean you should”

  2. Eli Schmidtke says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, this is a perfect example of why you shouldn’t let any clown in the cage.

  3. WoWisFunnybyDrew says:

    many lessons were taught, fear sucks!

  4. handy AS says:

    this is not a fight….wew

  5. heidbrain says:

    LOL she said “minus three seconds…”

  6. heidbrain says:

    I was just going to ask if that’s what she really said! I never heard of a “personal stoppage”

  7. heidbrain says:

    the other fighter didn’t even need to be there. the loser would have tapped just from falling on his own face

  8. Rexh311 says:

    the second one was funny but he was afraid of gettin hit in the face seemed like this was a Show where they call a random Person from the crowd to fight but dont blame him

  9. jethro william says:

    that bouncer is rubbish i couldnt stop laughing

  10. nubemuffin says:

    Compilation of his own.

  11. falloutrangerlol says:

    How many hours have these guys trained ?

  12. AirBeaner619 says:

    Mr tits at the end was going to sell self defense videos? hahaha

  13. Mike Olive says:

    Why isn’t Bob Sapp on here? He’s a professional fighter and pussies out from fights

  14. samukumsan says:

    6:50 this technique could work in an open field hahahah

  15. pabpab999999 says:

    on the 1st fight, it looks like they are on different weigh class O_o

    on the 2nd, wtf?

    3rd fight, well, it was a spectator that fought, can’t really expect much haha

  16. augustin augustin says:

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  17. pablo morales says:

    how are some of these guys even in MMA?

  18. BlackStar KeepShining says:

    “Dodges cars at busy inter sections”… LMFAO. Get out of here with that trash.

  19. Ivan Aguilera says:

    are kidding me!!! what the fuck!!! …. hilarious

  20. 79pejeperro says:

    How do these guys dare to step in a ring… I´m way better and I don´t think I´m ready for an amateur fight

  21. валера потеряев says:

    биздец у вас бойцы

  22. Kenshin Himura says:

    You’re a homosexual, you think all the time in cocks.

  23. pejb83 says:

    The last fight was a fucking joke, no technique or co-ordination; their trainers and boxing coaches must’ve been disgusted while watching those two oafs embarrass themselves.

  24. Carl Andrews says:

    I don’t drink, buddy. “LOLOLO” your insults are so weak, can’t you do better than that or are you weak of mind as well as of cock?

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