24 comments on “Worst MMA Fighter in the World”

  1. MMAGillz says:

    1:25 …. listen

  2. MMAGillz says:

    my jaw droped at that lmao

  3. pickleboy1998 says:

    I could beat the shit out dat guy I’m 15

  4. TerryMMA says:

    WTF that was a title fight ??

  5. Math Tabak says:

    you’re the one making it about gay people you fucking retard.

  6. elmeeone says:

    give the guy credit, it was a championship bout…

  7. PodeSerification says:

    Shut the fuck up with the “faggotry” homophobic stuff.

  8. balkoth03 says:

    he did try 4 or 5 takedowns

  9. Kalmah1988 says:

    takes one to know one stepped in the ring yet? no if not dont bitch and leave it for the people who know what it is about yeah i fucking sucked not gonna lie but yeah leave it for the people who know to judge me thanks

  10. Kalmah1988 says:

    takes one to know one buddy you step in the ring too if not then shutup and let the people who know at least tell me k thanks

  11. Kalmah1988 says:

    but i have full intentions on training first but watch that video again

  12. Kalmah1988 says:

    i did take a bunch and i can take them i dont know why i froze in the end if u notice i took a few and kept going even counter punched so dont say i cant take a punch watch the video again and yes i am well aware of the lapierre fight i had no idea with no training at first but i took some solid hits

  13. GotR1GHT says:

    yeah man,train hard for a 2-3months techinque,muscle and most important get sparring ,and then come back and kick ass

  14. GotR1GHT says:

    You’re Tyler Lepper right? Man don’t go to ring if you can’t take a punch or even get some sparring before.You gonna get hurt.Train hard first and spar. There’s another video of you lol- /watch?v=WGWLe0x5g38.

  15. drotheill says:

    Guys , His takedowns are high risk low reward. Falling on your face is a poor takedown.

  16. BrokenTreeProd says:

    The other guy could have atleast tried to finish the fight on the ground

  17. Math Tabak says:

    You’re a fucking loser.

  18. Math Tabak says:

    Shut the fuck up with the “smh” faggotry.

  19. animeman14 says:


  20. Kalmah1988 says:

    okay i get your point i just got the heart to do it. It was better than when i took on lapierre im heading over to team bad boy checking it out i’ll see you all in a few months

  21. Kalmah1988 says:

    it’s not that i cant take a hit i can your gonna see me next month and gurantee it’s gonna be a good fight i know i turned my back that was after the kick i did take in a few shots before i decided to try the takedown it wasnt until we were stood up that i screwed it all up by turning

  22. GotR1GHT says:

    If that’s really you,just train more and don’t come to ring if you scared to take a punch.

  23. Tripbar says:

    I guess tattoos,a dirty beard, and mma gloves is what it takes to become an mma fighter now a days?….smh

  24. ocassidy87 says:

    You said it for yourself Tyler ” I just need to learn how to last longer”. It should be Im going to win…don’t you think??
    I think you should stick with training and thats that until you have a little more experience under your belt.

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