25 comments on “WWE 2K15 – Phil “CM Punk” Brooks UFC MMA Attire! (WWE 2K15 Superstar Studio)”

  1. THE101 says:

    How do yo guys see CM Punks UFC venture going? Good or bad?
    Let me know your thoughts. I’m not sure what to think! #TEAM101 

  2. Anakin Skywalker says:

    Child Molester Punk is shite. He should go back to molesting his teenage
    wife AJ.

  3. Sergeant Chlamydia says:

    Punk beating Brock lol.

    Even if they were in the same fighting class, Brock would rip off his head
    and shit down his throat.

  4. Jamin Washington says:

    Just a question, since Cult of Personality isn’t a WWE made or owned song
    at all do you still have to have the music down?

  5. AgeofSandow says:

    this actually gives me an idea. you could make this into a UFC game.

  6. Brandon Hurley says:

    When I get the UFC game on ps4, i am SO gonna enjoy creating punk and using
    him in a career mode!

  7. Jacob Doan says:

    I hope Punk still uses the Anaconda Vise when he goes to UFC.

  8. NFJHDGamer says:

    When is royal rumbler ppv be?

  9. CJ Sellers says:

    That would be hilarious if he actually debuted with that same attire

  10. 211Appolo says:

    This poor fool. What is he thinking? I’ll tell you this, if he wins his
    first fight, Triple H would commit suicide.

  11. Brown Howser says:

    He has Slim Jim as a sponsor on his trunks… X’D that’s fucking amazing 

  12. XimpactXgaming says:

    101 I think u should’ve have used cm punk 11-12 because punks hair is now
    slicked back again 

  13. SCORpiOxSk3LETOr (BGITW) says:

    It’s UFCM Punk Now Lol

  14. Deronne Kincaid says:

    You know when he says “It’s Clobbering Time” after he does that right hook
    swing punch I think they should have him a Pyro Tech When he Started doing
    that but WWE was being a Dummy as usual

  15. Dewaynesite1 says:

    I heard that CM Punk might be fighting Jason David Frank (The Green

  16. Stephen Jones says:

    Well he has the skills to be a great fighter he just needs experience. You
    should use this attire for your universe mode.

  17. HBKCommish says:

    By the time CM Punk actually has a fight, UFC’s Reebok deal will be in
    place, and every fighter will be wearing Reebok gear. No more sponsors on
    MMA gear in UFC.

  18. malik wilson says:

    This is great man 

  19. TheCashewChef1263 says:

    He’s gonna get his ass kicked.

  20. Daniel Gomez says:

    Can you upload Rey Mysterio’s Captain America attire?

  21. Anonymoose says:


  22. Texas Knight says:

    Looks pretty badass too me

  23. BlasianChineseBoy says:

    Punk could have at least had on some wrestling boots lol.

  24. Angelica Rivera says:

    CM Punk You Sold Out

  25. Nick The Future says:

    This is awesome

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