24 comments on “XFC 21 – Stephanie Eggink vs. Heather Clark – Womens MMA”

  1. Lenny Costa says:

    oh that’s sooo cute like watchin kids play fight

  2. D.Allen says:

    Impressed by how technical both fighters are. Great fight. 

  3. Ariel Jones says:

    20:10 Every time I hear that 10 second warning I keep thinking Kazuya’s
    theme from Tekken 2 is about to start playing. lol

  4. scorpionkings says:

    Neither of these girls could go up against Torres.

  5. Ludus Jake says:

    Well this is hard to masturbate to…..not impossible though.

  6. Ballowall says:

    “She’s a striker…AND…a finishaaaa!”


  7. hydrolito says:

    List fight by competitor with best previous record first don’t list who
    wins in title.

  8. megasif . says:

    Do they always have to braid and hug all the time? Geez.

  9. MrTaylorreaves says:

    I really love mma female fighters

  10. Global Village Fletcher Long says:

    eggink was coming off stage 4 concussion at the hands of kaline medeiros…
    didn’t expect her to do this good in fight against hurricane heather jo.

  11. iandemagi says:

    announcers suck!

  12. Panz3rGr3nadier says:

    The kind of name from a hot girl that could kick your ass and mine too, not
    saying I wouldn’t enjoy those clinches and grapples though

  13. megasif . says:

    This is still better than watching some men fight in the UFC.

  14. Mike Vmax says:

    Eggink CLEARLY won this fight Heather Clark relies on brute strength but
    isnt a very smart fighter and she gives up her back constantly and thats
    why she has lost 3 of the last 4 to better smarter fighters.

  15. HollywoodKendrick says:

    Eggink has handz!

  16. hydrolito says:

    Eggink was winning by end of first two rounds so bell might have saved
    opponent, figure 3rd was even, so Eggink would win by 30-28 way I figure.

  17. pearcemark2 says:

    thats dumb

  18. Hartigan64 says:

    YES ! Heather WIN 🙂 You are the best, love you. From a big fan.

  19. dan casty says:

    what kind of name is eggink?

  20. Theo Handley says:

    So much better and clean than wrestling

  21. Nathan O.K says:

    A sick one! Reminds me of Dr Eggman.

  22. Panz3rGr3nadier says:

    Stephanie is hot.

  23. Theo Handley says:


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