25 comments on “You won’t believe how these UFC Hall of Famers discovered MMA”

  1. Sean Beads says:

    These guys should get their own tv show

  2. spiderskateg says:

    did he not qualify for state because he was on steroids then too?

  3. drn8383fuse says:

    “You won’t believe how these UFC Hall of Famers discovered MMA” ….. they watched some early UFC events …. pretty easy to believe.

  4. TheBigUK87 says:

    Lol Forrest plays dumb he knew there was a south America

  5. KShamrockNo1 says:

    It’s Dana’s hall of fame, lol, Bonnar and Forrest inducted before actual legends like Frank Shamrock, Don Frye, Pat Miletich i

  6. clachifer says:

    Take into consideration he’s one of Dana’s good friends, his big fight with Forrest putting MMA on the map for mainstream, all the bonuses they don;t disclose, the fact that he’ll be a UFC guy all his life….yeah, dummy. If you think anything less, you’re pretty thick yourself. Go read a book about how the world works

  7. TheReclamation14 says:

    LOL ‘millions’, clearly you are pretty thick.

  8. Scott Brown says:

    “I didn’t even know there was a South America” lol!!!!! these guys are hilarious

  9. None Of Ur Bnizz says:

    Two garbage fighter.

  10. 0Devildriver0 says:

    what do you want?

  11. commie77 says:

    Is Bonnar high?

  12. dittonamed says:

    Royce Gracie = “a skinny Mexican in a pajama suit” lol

  13. clipsryan says:

    I’m not happy for them. Even they thought it was a joke. The important thing was the fight, not the careers of these men which is the ONLY thing that should be taken into account regarding the HOF. I’m not hating the guys, I’m hating the stupidity behind putting two lucky guys in the HOF for one fight. Give them another award.

  14. Ronny Pen says:

    One more as tuf coaches

  15. scar1884 says:

    Both these dude garbage how they hall of fame ? That Fitch dude better n got cut . Sucking Dana balls that’s how

  16. TheMinion says:

    Why i wound’t believe how these two discovered MMA? many of us discovered MMA that way.
    Pretty lame video title.

  17. OJMMA says:

    Anderson Silva walked straight true these so called hall of famers LOL.

  18. Themayoratlarge says:

    They do deserve the hall of fame they had this amazing fight when the sport wasn’t exactly well known and kinda had a bad reputation and because of that fight got a whole new fanbase for American mma why do you have to hate man why can’t you just say “Oh Stephan Bonnar and Forrest Griffin got into the hall of fame good for them” these are two legends of the sport and Im happy for them

  19. clipsryan says:

    The fight is what was important. The fighters don’t exactly deserve hall of fame simply because they had an amazing fight. Yes, is was an important fight but we’ve had hundreds of amazing fights (by non-hall of famers) that could’ve done the same.

  20. CaptainDopeboy says:

    These comments are stupid.

  21. XD18Felipe says:

    Yeah Forrest only beat



  22. Robert Johnstone says:

    forrest is a mong

  23. rudiratte1 says:

    yes but i think that the hall of fame should be for fighters who really stand out from everyone else, guys like anderson silva and possibly jon jones in the future. if you start putting guys with exciting performances in there but havent beaten real top level guys than you will have countless fighters in the hof. it should be something really special

  24. Anthony Medrano says:

    LMFAO why is there a skinny Mexican in pajamas

  25. east wood says:

    “I didn’t know there was a south america”

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