25 comments on “Zimmerman Trial – FIGHT! Don West Goes MMA on Judge Nelson in Late 10 p.m. Court Session”

  1. Michael Mortimer says:

    This is about as close to MMA as lawyers can get with a Judge.

  2. foxfly23 says:

    Where did you get the child pornography accusation? They said pornography but I didn’t see/hear anything about child pornography. Did she rule on whether to allow in the text info re: attempting to buy and requests to sell guns? I fell asleep listening.

  3. foxfly23 says:

    Agree a billion per cent that the judge is working hard to help the prosecution.

  4. neisan92 says:

    to be honest no she has not been very fair at times, yes she has granted defense motions, but those were either very routine motions or they were so imbedded in law that she didn’t have a choice, like the tox report.


  5. foxfly23 says:

    The jury’s comfort does not come before a fair trial. Smoking marijuana, while a crime is no where an indication of violent tendencies although I’ve seen jonesing whackjobs go nuts when they didn’t get their daily. She should have allowed in the evidence of his habit of fighting since the prosecution caused the jury to believe an overweight ‘soft’ guy who as an athlete was rated a 1 or less on a scale of 1-10.

  6. foxfly23 says:

    Regardless of which ‘side’ you support, you should always support JUSTICE. The prosecution breaking the law by not giving the defense exculpatory evidence; the judge not allowing in exculpatory evidence; the judge not allowing the defense necessary time to pursue witnesses/evidence after finding the prosecution had withheld evidence; overworking defense attorneys = does NOT equal JUSTICE and does not = the type of trial you’d want if you were in GZ’s place. Sad for our country.

  7. Patricia Hamilton says:

    Zimmeran has the right to his life back too.Unfair unlawful for hi not to be able to defend himself considering he will spend the rest of his life behind bars if he is found guilty. YHWH is faithful when all else fails.

  8. SaelPalani says:

    Fuck You Judge Nelson. She obviously doesn’t understand the US Constitution. Read some of the case law folks and see that this ruling is PREPOSTEROUS!

  9. Adam Jensen says:

    “Judge”? They dont say “your honor”? Movies and TV shows made that up?

  10. thelocust1919 says:

    I don’t like the idea of all my phone history being used as evidence.

  11. MarkHR1994 says:

    top lel, can’t wait for people to be crying when the judicial system works the way it’s supposed to

  12. AlphaRayAllen says:

    “Who cares if I’m violating the Constitution, muh sequester”

    I don’t know what stake she has in this trial, but a judge is supposed to be a mediator and a neutral party, not trample the laws of the country she swore to uphold because of the politics outside the courtroom. This wouldn’t piss me off so much if it didn’t mean that the jury was being denied key information in making their decision because the judge decided she wanted to play favorites.

    Today’s going to be a shitshow.

  13. Grahamx227 says:

    What a pathetic judge.

  14. RBCHB1 says:

    “IF” Zimmerman is found guilty which by the way I don’t think he will be. I SMELL A MISTRIAL!

  15. RBCHB1 says:

    “IF” Zimmerman is found guilty which by the way I don’t think he will be. I SMELL A MISTRIAL!

  16. Warex06 says:

    what is the judge thinking? its completely illogical to assume that his phone was being used by anyone else, when you can here him saying “oh shit” and “it just got real” while recording bums fighting over a bike, not to mention all the other crap on there, just typical teenager shit but its a fact he wasn’t a child and wasn’t an angel, 17 is considered adult when on trail…

  17. brenda590228 says:


  18. WeGottaSituationGTL says:

    how did he go “MMA”? I was expecting some punches

  19. MyWordsAreTheTruth says:

    A man’s life is at stake and stupid people such as yourself are concerned with “end the trial ASAP so the jury can finally go back to their lives.”? Just pray that you will never be on trial and other idiots like you in this world do not participate the trial.

  20. 22bailee says:

    yes sir!

  21. liveelovelaugh1 says:

    The judge bounced like a basketball she was through

  22. jalees says:

    no celebratory ice cream cones tonight!

  23. unholymonkey says:

    I heard the American legal system was the best and most fair legal system in the world. Was this sarcasm?

  24. Aaron Pike says:

    what a kangroo court. the judge and prosecutors are afraid of their jobs and reputation and will do anything to harm this case.

  25. Cayitano says:

    Curious if this judge is an elected one and not going to run again. ‘Rape, Racism, and the White Women’s Movement’ is Alison Edwards’ answer to Susan Brownmiller’s feminist hysteria. Brownmiller has no idea how much she has damaged civil rights. Judges have the right to exercise their conscience as much as any juror, public servant, or proactive defendant. Also curious if this judge’s constituency is influenced by Catholicism’s “guilty until proved innocent. She a Jesuit law school graduate?

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